Winner of Yesterday #RabuGanteng

Winner of yesterday #RabuGanteng


Hi All,

Again, thank you so much for your participation yesterday. Too many cool looks and so much harder for me to choose the winner. But as my math teacher said, not everyone can be a winner, I had to made decision at last. This week theme is hang out outfit. So from all of the tweets, the best picture came from @Putraarivaii .

Let me explain to you why I like his outfit. First, the color combinations says summer but not over the top. Second, the loafer is classic one and it’s perfect to wear it without socks (use invisible one) and again, the brown color is match up the shirt and the pants colors. In the end, this is great look for you to go out and have fun with your friends. Side note, plaids is big until the rest of the year.

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So for the winner, you’ll get my book and 15% voucher from Fashion Pria. It means, you can buy anything from the site and will get 15% discount (Except for the shoes). If I were him, I would stock up all the basic pieces. It’s not like everyday you get cool prize like this.

Next week, is the last #RabuGanteng, with theme Lebaran. Make sure you’ll join as well.

See you soon,


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